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Boat Purchase Consulting

Here To Help Since 2000

Do you want to buy a boat but you don't know where to start?


Have you already started shopping for a boat but you are feeling overwhelmed?


Are you worried that making the mistake of buying the wrong boat could cost you a fortune? 

Whether you are just starting to dream about adding boating to your lifestyle or you are in the middle of a purchase transaction and need advice, I can help. 

Areas Of Knowledge:

  • Selecting the right style of boat for the intended use.

  • The survey process and interpreting the results.

  • "Local knowledge" of the San Francisco Bay and Delta.

  • Connecting the right service professionals for the required task.

With two decades in the Yacht Brokerage industry, over 700 sales conducted, and the operation of more than 1,000 boats, I am confident that I can use my experience to help you out.

Truly, seriously, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

If you didn't get the value out of our conversation that you expected, contact me in whatever form you are comfortable and your money will be refunded. No questions asked. 

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