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Buyer's Representative

We'll find what you want, even if we don't have it!

Many yacht buyers don’t realize that they have the option to have a Broker help them with the yacht buying process, even if it’s not the Broker’s listing.  Over our last decade and a half in this business, we have helped hundreds of buyer’s find a yacht that is right for them whether it was in our inventory or in another country.

It is free to you, the buyer - our commission is paid by the seller.  

You can rely on our knowledge & experience

Why try to learn a skill to acquire a yacht that we have devoted our whole careers to?

Find a yacht that matches

your needs.

 Help perform sea-trials.

Negotiate, structure, and document the deal, using California Yacht Broker’s Association forms and our escrow service.

Arrange surveys and haul-out.

Work with your banker or suggest one we can work with.

Assist with the transfer of ownership and arrange for shipment of the yacht.

There are guidelines for a Yacht Buyer to follow
to assure the most
effective and successful transaction can happen:

Because the process of helping a client acquire a yacht can be time and resource intensive for us, your prospective yacht should be priced at $150,000 and above.


It is important that you do not contact the listing agent or seller’s broker directly.  It is our job to initiate contact with the other Broker.


The yacht buyer should be expecting to make a purchase within the next 60 days or so.

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