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Want A Joystick But Your Boat’s Not New? Check This Cool Product Out

Here’s the gist. TheYachtController can be added to many boats, even older ones, to integrate thrusters, transmissions, and throttle into one controller that lets you do close-quarter maneuvering like a champ. Wish we had this when we were just starting out. This is what you need to know and if you think it would be cool to add it to your boat, get in touch with me….

I got a guy.

YachtController is a popular brand that offers wireless remote control systems specifically designed for yachts and boats. These systems provide enhanced maneuverability, convenience, and control over various vessel functions. Here are some key features and benefits of YachtController

Wireless Control YachtController allows boat operators to control their vessel wirelessly from anywhere onboard using a handheld remote control device. This wireless functionality provides flexibility and convenience, allowing operators to have full control of the boat while being able to move around freely. Maneuverability One of the primary features of YachtController is its ability to control the boat's propulsion and steering systems. It allows precise maneuvering, including throttle control, steering, and bow/stern thruster operation. This enables operators to easily dock, anchor, or navigate tight spaces with confidence and precision. Safety and Security YachtController enhances safety and security by providing immediate control over the boat's engines and maneuvering capabilities. It allows operators to respond quickly to changing situations, avoiding potential collisions, and ensuring the safety of passengers, crew, and the vessel itself. Remote Docking YachtController is particularly beneficial for docking procedures. It allows operators to control the boat's propulsion and maneuvering systems from various vantage points on the vessel, ensuring better visibility and control during docking maneuvers. This can be especially useful in challenging docking situations or when single-handedly operating the boat. Dual-Function Control YachtController often includes dual-function control capabilities, enabling operators to control both the engines and thrusters simultaneously or independently. This dual-function control provides more precise handling, making it easier to perform complex maneuvers and adjustments. Integration with Other Systems YachtController systems can integrate with other onboard systems, such as bow/stern thrusters, anchor windlasses, stabilizer systems, and more. This integration allows for centralized control and coordination of multiple vessel functions, further enhancing convenience and ease of operation. Customizable Settings YachtController systems typically offer customizable settings to suit individual preferences and specific vessel configurations. Users can adjust parameters such as sensitivity, response time, and control options based on their preferences and operating conditions. Retrofit and Easy Installation YachtController systems are designed to be easily retrofitted to existing vessels, making it possible to add wireless control functionality to boats that were not originally equipped with such capabilities. The installation process is typically straightforward and can be performed by a professional or knowledgeable boat owner.

It's important to note that the specific features and capabilities of YachtController systems may vary based on the model and configuration chosen. It's recommended to visit the official YachtController website or consult a reputable marine electronics dealer for detailed information on their products' specific features and benefits.


We’ve realized that there are some fun, innovative, and downright useful gadgets for boats that our clients didn’t even know existed. So, each issue of Simpson Loves Gadgets will hope to show you something that you didn’t know existed or give you more information on something you have always been curious about. Let’s dive in.


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