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Buyer's Agent Showcase

Meridian 391 From Bullfrog Utah to Discovery Bay, CA

Adom had come into the office numerous times over the years to chat with the Broker at Simpson Yacht Sales, Chris Simpson, and a friendship was formed. Not long after they met, Adom started telling Chris “You’re my Broker. I don’t know when or for what, but you’re my Broker.”


A few years down the line and Adom came in and told Chris it’s time.  They discussed all the facets of boat buying including preferences, budget, and intended use.  They knew Adom would want a flybridge boat and two staterooms. He wanted something not too old but not so expensive that he would resent the boat.  Ease of use and maintenance was also important and it was agreed that a boat with thrusters and gas engines would be ideal.  

Captain on Meridan 391 in Page Arizona

Chris found a 2008 Meridian 391 that was perfect for Adom. Low hours, Docking On Command (dual thrusters), Mercruiser 8.1 motors, and in great shape. Only problem, it was in Bullfrog Marina in Utah on Lake Powell.

The first challenge was getting a response from the other Broker representing the boat. It turns out Brokers on Lake Powell don’t like to encourage boats leaving their lake.  Agreeing with Chris that it is most important to do what is best for that Broker’s client, that Broker became helpful and worked with Chris and Adom to make an offer and make the deal happen.

The second challenge was the boat’s location.  Seeing the boat would have been a big ordeal because it was located six hours from the nearest airport. Chris and Adom would have to fly to Salt Lake City and drive twelve hours round trip to see if the boat was a worthy purchase.  Luckily, Adom is a pilot who keeps his plane at Byron Airport near Discovery Bay and was willing to fly to the Bullfrog Airstrip to check out the boat.  He did so and was able to take the boat for a ride and decide that he indeed loved the boat.

The third challenge was that Bullfrog Marina does not have the services to haul out a boat for inspection or transport and the closest facilities were across the lake, 100 miles to the South.  In addition, the lake is located within a park system that does not allow outside vendors to provide services.  Chris determined a captain that could take the boat to Wahweap Marina in Page, Arizona and set everything up. 

The boat would take a day to get there and then would need to be loaded on a trailer at the boat ramp to get out of the water. From there, a crane would lift the boat off the trailer and onto stands in the yard to prepare it for transport. The transporter, who Chris had used before, said he was familiar with the lake, but had had some difficulty in the past getting the proper permission to enter the park with his trailer.  As all the wheels were put in motion, Chris became a little nervous about all the moving parts and the responsibility of the people in charge - people Chris and Adom had never met.

With a block of time available and growing concern about what was going on at the lake, Chris gave the news to Adom that it was time for a road trip.  Adom was so relieved that Chris was willing to go to Page and check on things that he paid for his expenses saying “I was thinking of flying you back there anyway”.  Thirteen hours of driving and one stop to Las Vegas later, Chris was standing at the counter of the facility that was hauling the boat out, to the shock of the service manager standing there.  Chris was able to oversee the move of the boat from its temporary slip, the hauling and setting of the boat in the yard, and the firing of one transporter and hiring of another (Chris’ original transporter was unable to figure out how to get into the park, so he found a transporter who could do it).

It all ended up going very smoothly and, most importantly, Adom has been enjoying his beautiful new (to him) Meridian 391 here in Discovery Bay.  In fact, it is a common occurrence for Chris to get a call or a text from Adom saying “Just want you to know how much I am enjoying the boat”.  Mission Accomplished!

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1998 Trojan 440 Express Cruiser

Buyer's Agent Showcase

Trojan 440 Express From Marina Del Rey to Discovery Bay


John and Jean had visited Chris, the Broker of Simpson Yacht Sales on multiple occasions to chat about boats.  They found one they liked at a different brokerage and, after going into contract, John called Chris for his opinion on some challenges that were going on with that deal. Chris was able to advise John on the challenges and help him through it, after which John told Chris his next boat purchase would definitely be through him.



A couple of years later John and Jean decided it was time to upgrade.  They started working with Chris to establish preferences like flybridge versus express, diesel versus gas, and price versus quality.  The hunt was on for a high quality, 10 to 15 year old express cruiser with diesels.

Sea Trial of Trojan 440 in Newport Beach California


After searching diligently for a couple of months, John and Chris honed in on a Trojan 440 Express that was down in Marina Del Rey, California and would be perfect for Discovery Bay.  

After some debate about traveling to Southern California by car or by plane, the decision for a road trip was made. They left Discovery Bay at 4 a.m. and were on the boat by 10:30.  A quick sea trial and tour of the boat confirmed the boat was worth pursuing and so John and Chris, after a quick bite, were on the road again heading back home.  After an exhausting trip to L.A. and back in one day that had them return at 8 p.m., they were happy to be home and still glad they chose the road trip.

Surveys were performed soon after the sea trial and it was a go for John and Jean.  After planning the transport logistics, including the removal of the radar arch so she would fit under the over passes, the boat was loaded up and arrived safely in Stockton for some prep and a splash.

John and Jean have been very active cruising with their Discovery Bay Yacht Club and have been enjoying the boat immensely.

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