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Unlocking the Secrets of PropSpeed:Your Guide to a Barnacle-Free Ride!

PropSpeed is a specialized coating system used to prevent marine growth, such as barnacles and other fouling organisms, from attaching to and growing on boat propellers, shafts, and other underwater metal surfaces. It is specifically designed to improve the performance and efficiency of boats by maintaining a smooth and clean underwater surface.

Key Characteristics and Benefits of PropSpeed include: Anti-Fouling Properties

PropSpeed is formulated with a biocide-free and eco-friendly composition that creates a non-stick surface. This surface prevents marine organisms from adhering to the treated metal surfaces, reducing the growth of barnacles, algae, and other marine fouling. Performance Enhancement

By preventing the accumulation of marine growth, PropSpeed helps maintain the efficiency of propellers, shafts, and underwater components. This can lead to improved fuel efficiency and better overall performance.


A properly applied PropSpeed coating can last for a relatively long time, often a full boating season or more, depending on usage and conditions. Environmental Friendliness

PropSpeed is formulated to be biocide-free and non-toxic, making it environmentally friendly compared to traditional anti-fouling coatings that may contain harmful chemicals. Easy Maintenance

The smooth, non-stick surface created by PropSpeed makes it easier to clean and maintain underwater components, as marine growth is less likely to bond to the treated surfaces. Broad Application

While PropSpeed is commonly used on propellers and shafts, it can also be applied to other metal components such as trim tabs, rudders, struts, and underwater sensors. Specialized Application Process

Applying PropSpeed requires careful preparation and application to ensure optimal results. The process typically involves several steps, including thorough cleaning and preparation of the metal surface before applying the coating. Professional Application

Many boat owners choose to have PropSpeed applied by professionals who are trained and experienced in the proper application techniques. This helps ensure the coating's effectiveness and longevity. It's important to note that while PropSpeed is effective in preventing marine growth, it may not be suitable for all types of boats or usage scenarios. Additionally, the effectiveness of PropSpeed can be influenced by factors such as water conditions, usage patterns, and maintenance practices.


If you're considering using PropSpeed on your boat, it's recommended to consult with professionals and experts in marine coatings to determine if it's a suitable option for your specific needs.

We know how much you love your boat that's why we encourage you to ask any question & seek advice. We just hope we will be able to help you in some way.

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